Aug 302017

Organization: World Organisation for Animal Health
Country: Mali
Closing date: 03 Sep 2017

Position title: Technical Coordinator for REDISSE Project at OIE Regional Representation in Mali Salary: Depending on qualification and experience
Duration: 1 year, renewable

Context: The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is an intergovernmental organisation recognized by the World Trade Organization as a reference Organization for intergovernmental standards concerning the sanitary safety of international trade of animals and products of animal origin and zoonoses. The OIE is in charge of improving animal health, veterinary public health and animal welfare worldwide, as well as transparency of the global animal disease situation. The OIE maintains permanent relations with over 70 international and regional Organizations and has 12 regional offices around the globe. Summary: The OIE is a partner in the REDISSE (Regional Disease Surveillance Systems Enhancement) project funded by the World Bank. In that framework, the OIE signed a contract, for an initial duration of 2 years, with the West African Health Organization (WAHO/OOAS) to conduct several activities in relation with the strengthening of Veterinary Services of ECOWAS countries and the promotion of the One Health approach. Positioning and reporting Under the authority of the OIE Director General and the supervision of the OIE Regional Representative for Africa, and in close collaboration with the technical teams at the OIE Headquarters as well as with the World Animal Health and Welfare Fund Unit. Job purpose As Technical Coordinator for the REDISSE project, the incumbent will participate in the implementation of capacity-building activities in ECOWAS countries with a focus on One Health, by supervising and coordinating all tasks relating to the REDISSE project.

Missions and activities

  • Supervise and manage the REDISSE project on a daily basis
  • Plan and implement activities in collaboration with other OIE Departments and external partners, including OIE Delegates, Focal Points and representatives of governments;
  • Conduct discussions between all partners/experts taking part in the project;
  • Organise and coordinate scientific events, meetings, and seminars relevant to the project
  • Contribute, in collaboration with other OIE staff, to the periodic reports required by the donors
  • Ensure the production of all project deliverables.
  • Provide technical support to the Regional Animal Health Centre in Bamako (RAHC) and participate in meetings and initiatives related to the RAHC.
  • Ensure liaison and communication on the REDISSE project
  • Contribute to the development of technical and communication media;
  • Monitor possible synergies with other projects active in this field, to ensure complementarity of actions and interventions;
  • Represent the OIE and participate in international meetings or duty missions relevant to your functions (external meetings with donors, thematic meetings and conferences related to the “One Health” approach or the Project);
  • Provide specific advice and information on matters relating to the assigned responsibilities, to other OIE Departments, OIE Members, OIE Reference Centres and partner organisations that are working on the same topic, such as WAHO, WHO and FAO;
  • Contribute to drafting papers, articles and other relevant information material for OIE publications and communications.
    Qualifications and Experience

  • University degree (Master or doctorate in relevant technical field);

  • Excellent proficiency (oral, reading, speaking) in both French and English;

  • At least 5 years of experience in project management in the fields of animal health or human health, either at the national or international level;

  • Experience in planning and implementation of development and capacity building projects in West Africa (e.g. projects funded by donors such as the World Bank or other similar types of projects);

  • Previous experience in public health issues related to epidemic diseases would be an asset. Requirements Technical skills – ;

  • Knowledge of technical and scientific topics related to animal health or human health, as well as of the “One Health” concept;

  • Strong knowledge of international development and cooperation;

  • Ability to provide technical support to an organisation currently under development;

  • Proficiency in the use of Office (i.e., Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and Internet applications.
    Interpersonal skills :

  • Strong analytical skills, oral and written communication skills, ability to adapt information material to the context of regional or national needs;

  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary, multicultural team and environment, as well as a demonstrated capability to work with colleagues in external organisations;

  • Demonstrated capacity for organisational awareness, such as the ability to establish priorities and work within tight deadlines on several tasks simultaneously;

  • Strong determination and work ethic, ability to grasp different topics and activities to quickly implement and carry out projects. N.B. – These qualifications and skills are considered minimum requirements for the position.

Working conditions:
Overseas travel abroad is expected on a regular basis, especially in the project’s target countries in West Africa.

General information:
The OIE places high value on a multicultural and positive work environment. The OIE is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications of all qualified candidates, irrespective of their ethnic origin, gender, opinions or beliefs. This is a full-time position based at the OIE Regional Representation in Bamako (Mali), available immediately.

How to apply:

Please submit your application by 3 September 2017 the latest via the following link :

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