Oct 032017

Organization: International Rescue Committee
Country: Mali
Closing date: 24 Dec 2017

Job Title: Health and Nutrition Coordinator

Sector: Health

Employment Category: Regular

Location: Mali-Bamako

Job Description

Scope of work

Under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Programs at the Head of Office – Mali, the Health and Nutrition Coordinator will be responsible for the vision, strategy, design and quality assurance of program in delivery of the Health and Nutrition Projects in Mali. The Health and Nutrition Coordinator will be based in Bamako with frequent visits to the field sites.


Coordination and Representation

  • In coordination with the supervisor, represent IRC to UN, international and national NGOs, Ministries of Health, and donors for nutrition and health issues;
  • Participate actively in the national Health and Nutrition Cluster; Participate in internal coordination and management meetings to promote effective and efficient information sharing, problem-solving and decision making.

Technical Monitoring and Program Quality

  • Provide technical supervision of, and technical support to IRC Mali Health and Nutrition programming activities;
  • Ensure that health and nutrition programs utilize standardized protocols, policies and guidelines, as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and WHO/UNICEF;
  • Ensure that all health and nutrition activities are consistent with established best practices;
  • Lead all research and learning activities in relations to Health and Nutrition;
  • Ensure appropriate follow-up and decision-making on data relevant to IRC health and nutrition programs;
  • Ensure all stakeholders are provided with updates on the health and nutrition program in Mali, including Head of Office – Mali, Technical Unit, donors etc.

Strategic Planning

  • Monitor evolving needs of the target communities and adjust the programmatic priorities as necessary;
  • Identify opportunities for program development
  • Lead technical assessments as a basis for health and nutrition program development;
  • In collaboration with HQ-based Technical Advisors and Senior Management Team – Mali, lead the overall development of an overall IRC Health and Nutrition Program strategy in line with IRC Mali Strategy.
  • Collaborate with other in-country technical coordinators to ensure an integrated strategy to achieve health outcomes in the country’s SAP

Program Development

  • Lead planning, designs of proposals and strategies aimed at supporting IRC Mali’s commitment to health outcomes as described in the country’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP).
  • Coordinate and initiate project proposals and develop program proposals (development of logical frameworks, program design and implementation plans and appropriate, realistic and measurable indicators) for the IRC Mali Health and Nutrition Program under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Programs – Mali and in consultation and collaboration with field based technical and field management staff.

Staff development

  • Ensure the ongoing capacity building of international and national staff;
  • Ensure respect for IRC HR policies during the recruitment process;
  • Provide timely and quality performance evaluations;
  • Promote the IRC Way with all supervisees.
  • Support field implementation teams through trainings and refreshers on technical approaches and methodologies relating to health and nutrition.

How to apply:

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