Dec 152017

Organization: Adventist Development and Relief Agency International
Country: Mali, Niger
Closing date: 21 Dec 2017


ADRA Norway is looking for a Monitoring and Evaluation consultant to design the baseline study of the Norad funded education programme Strengthening Equity, Access and Quality in Education (SEAQE) Sahel in Niger and Mali. The deadline for submitting the application is 21st December, 2017.


ADRA Norway is one of the leading international education development organisations in Norway. Through our work, we strive to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, irrespective of their religious, political, social, ethnic or national background. We have an integrated approach to education, building on the whole school approach that involves the students, teachers, parents, the community and the government all working together to enable all children to receive a quality and inclusive education.

ADRA Norway is a member of the international ADRA network with over 120 locally governed country offices, eight regional offices and an international network office. ADRA Norway works in direct partnership with local ADRA partners in developing countries to act as a catalyst for change, inspiring, engaging and empowering people to strive together to overcome poverty and injustice, and managing the risks and impacts of disasters.

SEAQE Sahel: ADRA Norway is implementing a programme called Strengthening Equity, Access and Quality in Education (SEAQE) Sahel in Mali and Niger with financial support from Norad. SEAQE Sahel is working to increase education opportunities for all children, including poor and marginalized children. This will be achieved by motivated teachers committed to child-centred teaching methodology; children achieving better learning outcomes in literacy, numeracy and life skills in an inclusive and safe educational environment; an active and engaged civil society which promotes equality and inclusion in education; and a strengthened local government which increasingly promotes inclusive and equitable education structures, policies and programming.


ADRA Norway is seeking a consultant to design and conduct a baseline study for the SEAQE Sahel programme to capture data that will benchmark monitoring, evaluation and learning. The purpose of SEAQE Sahel programme baseline survey is to collect information on outcome and output indicators to provide benchmark values for setting targets and refining programme objectives. The baseline values will provide a basis to measure progress, change and impact of the programme.

Part of this study will involve supporting ADRA Norway to develop sub-indicators and areas of measurement for the Effective Teaching and Learning Environment (ETLE) measurement tool. This tool provides a qualitative way to identify and monitor changes in the quality of education. It also will be used to assess if learning environments are emotionally protective, physically safe, demonstrating improved learning, and are linked with parents and communities.

The baseline is also needed to provide detailed contextual information / situational analysis of education in target areas in Niger and Mali to help refine the programme theory of change and intervention strategy. In particular, the baseline study is intended to provide programme staff with a clear picture of the current issues affecting education access, equity and quality in operational areas.

The baseline study will inform education programming and support the ADRA SEAQE Sahel programme team and management to understand and monitor the progress and results of their education interventions in the region. The SEAQE Sahel programme has high demands in terms of the quantity and quality of evidence to be collected and used by multiple stakeholders, and will require a high level of rigour and investment to meet the M&E standards expected.


The baseline study has to be carried out between January and February 2018. The final report is due to ADRA Norway by 16th February, 2018.

The consultant will propose an outline timeframe and indicative budget (in NOK or USD) in response to this TOR. However, it is anticipated that the total number of days work for this consultancy will be 30 days inclusive of all work and outputs

Baseline work will be coordinated through ADRA Norway, with inputs from technical advisors and in country partners in Mali and Niger.


The successful research partner will have a solid track record on the criteria below, with examples of evidence for each. The consultant must have:

General criteria

  1. At least a Master’s Degree in Education or any related field in Social Sciences.
  2. Demonstrable expertise on civil society, rights and gender equality
  3. Thematic expertise in education. A focus on marginalised children within education would be an added advantage
  4. Geographic expertise in West Africa, with extensive experience in Niger and/or Mali being added advantage
  5. Excellent working knowledge of both French and English (as documentation will be in both languages), however final report will be required in English.

Technical criteria

  1. Experience in quantitative and qualitative methods and analysis
  2. Experience in programme monitoring and evaluation systems, including those using participatory approaches and ‘hard to measure’ indicators
  3. Evidence of strong downward accountability mechanisms used with programme stakeholders/research participants to actively share results and learning
  4. Evidence of use of ethical considerations and methodological measures for conducting research with girls, women, boys, men and particularly those who might be disadvantaged and marginalized
  5. Evidence of successfully designing and managing large-scale, rigorous and robust research processes and evaluations

Track record

  1. Evidence of successful collaboration with NGOs, and particularly collaborations which included capacity building and capacity building with field office staff.
  2. Experience meeting the demands of large institutional donor-funded programmes and coordinating activities with multiple stakeholders
  3. Evidence of producing high quality, published research


ADRA Norway invites applications from eligible and qualified individuals or organizations to undertake the work specified in this ToR. Interested parties should submit to ADRA Norway the following:

  • A technical proposal responding to the ToR, with specific focus on addressing the Scope of Work, timeline, methodology and ethical protocols to be used;
  • An initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and confirming availability of the applicant;
  • Company or organization profile (where applicable) and CVs of consultant(s) who will deliver the work;
  • A minimum of 3 references (organization or individual consultant as appropriate);
  • Sample of a survey report produced by Consultant / Company within the last 3 years. Applicants who do not submit sample reports will not be considered
  • Financial proposal or budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial work plan.

How to apply:

Complete Terms of Reference can be found here.

Submission deadline is 17:00 Norwegian time (CET) on 21 December 2017.

Applications should be clearly marked “Proposals to conduct Baseline Study on SEAQE Sahel” in the subject line. Please send applications to: Mr Elidon Bardhi, Programmes Director of ADRA Norway at: Please copy Mr Erik Eriksen ( on your correspondence.

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